About us

The management team at Blitzable has many years of experience in the cleaning industry, coupled with decades of customer services experience.

From your initial enquiry through to completion of your service, we want to deliver a service which surpasses both our competitors and your expectations. With that in mind, we’ve invested heavily to try and make using Blitzable as easy as possible. From our quoting and booking system through to the products we use and the staff we employ, we’ve developed our business with the customer at the centre of everything we do.

And for your additional peace of mind, we hold comprehensive public liability insurance and our staff are CRB/DBS checked.

Our Cleaning Products

We’ve spent a long time trailing and testing the products we use so that we know they’re both safe to use in our customer’s homes, and highly effective. We know that for many of our customers, using products that are environmentally friendly is important so wherever possible, every cleaning product we use contains only natural agents.

In circumstances where more potent cleaning products are required, we’ll always advise you in advance so you have the choice. There are certain products that contain powerful cleaning agents that don’t have ‘Green’ credentials but simply do a better job than anything from our ecological product range. Some customers just want the best possible results, others only want to use products that are environmentally friendly – we’ll always give that choice to the customer before we use any product.

Our Cleaning Staff

We have a very simple philosophy with our cleaning staff – people who are treated fairly and respectfully by their employers will be happier in their job, take more pride in being part of a team and ultimately, perform better.

It is a sad fact that many cleaners employed in the UK are paid not a living wage but the UK minimum wage. Larger cleaning companies work on the simple model of delivering a barely-acceptable service and paying their staff as little as they legally can. We believe this model is wrong for the employees and wrong for the customers. We think it’s a simple case of exploiting people for profit.

We want our staff to feel appreciated and suitably rewarded for the hard work they do so that’s why we will always pay them a minimum of 15-30% more than the UK minimum wage. In return, we have a team of happy, hard-working cleaners who value their work and consistently deliver the high standards we set.

If you want to use the cheapest cleaning company available then we’re not that company. However, if you want your property cleaned by cleaning staff who are treated with respect and paid at least living wage then that’s us.

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