It’s not uncommon for family members or friends of hoarders to need professional help to deal with the hoarding. It can be very difficult and distressing to try and manage a property that’s been subjected to years of hoarding so this is where our de-cluttering service can be a real help.

One such example we recently managed was for a hoarded flat in Kingston, Surrey where the owner had to move out of the property, such was the extend of their hoarding.

How Our De-Cluttering Service Helped

Hoarded Flat in SurreyWe initially had a conversation with the Clients daughter who had reached near breaking point over her Father’s hoarding.

After inspecting the property and establishing exactly what needed to be achieved, our de-cluttering team visited the property and began the task of de-cluttering the property.

Essentially, the flat had two main rooms, the bedroom and the lounge that were completely hoarded to the point where there was barely any free floor space. The de-cluttering process was then conducted in three stages:

Stage One – we sorted through all of the room contents, bagging and boxing everything so that it could be dealt with depending if it needed to be kept or disposed of.

Stage Two – we cleared all the boxes, bags and loose household waste from the property ready for disposal or transporting to a storage facility.

Stage Three – we then cleaned the rooms so that the property was returned to a habitable state and the Client could return to the property and hopefully maintain the condition.

This process took two of our crew members just under 10 hours to complete which might sound like a long time to de-clutter a few rooms but it’s quite typical when hoarding has been left unchecked for a prolonged period. We also have to bear in mind that amongst all the hoarded items, there was a lot of personal effects and documents that needed to be sorted and retained.

Our aim was to not only clear the property back to a habitable state but to also organise the remaining contents so that it could be easily found and managed when the Father returned to the property.

Do You Need Help With Hoarding in the Surrey Area?

if this case study sounds like a situation that you find yourself in then don’t despair.

We understand that trying to help somebody with hoarding issues can be extremely frustrating, upsetting and time-consuming – this is where our de-cluttering service can help. If you’d like to lean more about our service which operates throughout Surrey, Hampshire & Berkshire, visit our hoarding de-cluttering service page for more information or call us on 01252 416 260.

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